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The Carents Room is committed to transforming ageing by supporting Carents and unleashing Carent power.

What is The Carents Room?

The Carents Room was founded on my growing frustration with the state of our ageing society and my determination to remedy this and make ageing a happier, healthier and more engaged experience.

I spent over thirty years helping older people whilst working as a General Practitioner and NHS Consultant in Public Health Medicine. However, it was only when I started to help my own ageing father that I fully appreciated the harsh realities of growing old in Britain today.

Ageing can be an isolating, undignified, even dangerous experience. Services are either underfunded or overpriced without any guarantee of quality or safety. Retail is poorly addressed with an over reliance on charities to fill the void. Prices lack transparency, customers are vulnerable to exploitation and products are over medicalised, emphasising function rather than form.

Surely ageing does not need to be so grey?

Whilst trying to understand and tackle these challenges, I spoke to many of the mid life sons and daughters who are working hard in homes and communities throughout the UK, helping their ageing parents to live independently with love and dignity. They do not identify as formal carers or unpaid caregivers and do not seek charity. They are often, but not always, women, who are time starved, working in isolation, without recognition or support, whilst juggling multiple other demands, within a context which does not value them or their parents.

I call these people Carents, and I believe that Carents hold the key to improving ageing.

Carents are key because they have considerable economic power. As personal shoppers, chauffeurs, homemakers, financial or legal advisers , Carents determine ageing household spend and have direct lived experience of the needs of older people. Carents are also first aiders and care coordinators, taking on responsibility for their elderly relatives' health, care and wellbeing, whilst shaping demand for formal health and care services. Carents are also our future ageing population.

I built The Carents Room to support Carents and to transform ageing by unleashing their power.

The Carents Room aims to give Carents the recognition, community, and connections, they need to make carenting an even more rewarding experience with better outcomes for everyone. The Carents Room is also a space where researchers, innovators, suppliers and policy makers can directly connect with ageing households to create and develop products, experiences and services which can improve ageing for us all.

The Carents Room is a self funded venture committed to quality and transparency, respect and equality. If you share these values and want to support Carents or improve ageing, then please come in. The door is wide open and together we can make a difference.

Welcome to The Carents Room!

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The Carents Room gives me the recognition, voice and support I need to care for my ageing parents

The Carents Room is the place to go for simple and instant access to relevant information you can trust.

The Carents Room gives me the confidence and reassurance I need to do the best for my elderly relatives

An independent, online platform powered by a combination of professional expertise and real life experience, focused on the needs, roles and lives of carents.

All of The Carents Room information and guides is professional, objective and practical. Written by experts in health and care, our content is based on best practice and evidence and directly informed by carents.

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