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The Carents Room is the go-to community that understands your role, and the support you need to give your elderly parents the best care you can.

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We’re an independent, trusted source of information, insight and inspiration, supporting and empowering people through their carenting journey.

Our aim is to support you, to make your caring experience even more rewarding, with better outcomes for you and your parents.

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Today, there's a growing number of people juggling family, work, their own lives and providing support for ageing relatives.

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone, and we're building an active support network that shares their valuable information and relevant experiences to help you with your own carenting needs.

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“The Carents Room gives me the recognition, voice and support I need to care for my parents”

“The Carents Room is the place to go for simple, instant access to relevant information , insight and inspiration you can trust"

“The Carents Room makes it easier to help my parents with everything under one roof"

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The Carents Room supports and empowers people throughout their carenting journey.

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All of our advice and guidance is derived from best practice, evidence and experts combined with direct experience of Carenting so you can rest assured that our advice is professional, objective and practical

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We're early in our carent support journey and are busy evolving our resources, developing new features and growing our community. Look out for our new community forum and product guides area in the coming months.

In the meantime, we welcome you to join The Carents Room.


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